Biographies Team Leaders

Rolando E. Palma


A native of Miami, Florida, Rolando E. Palma has worked in the security and investigations industry for over 20 years.  Rolando received his Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Miami Dade Community College and has served in the United States Marine Corps.  Rolando is a licensed private investigator and holds three board certifications, specializing in cargo theft.  He is considered an expert in safety and the prevention of cargo theft.  As President of S1 Security Group®, Rolando plays a critical role in the company, building a cohesive workforce and optimizing the client’s experience and satisfaction.

Haim. Geri

Director IMI Division Aventura

Geri has dedicated his life to the field of counter-terrorism and Home Land Security (HLS) for his native country of Israel. He is a combat veteran of the Golani Infantry Reconnaissance Unit of Israel’s Defense Force (IDF). Geri is a retired Captain that served as a Company Commander and Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, as well as G3 in charge of securing the northern border of Israel. He participated in numerous counter-terror operations behind enemy lines, and the Lebanon War.

After his service in the Army, he was recruited by the General Security Services (GSS) of the State of Israel and held many positions with HLS, including Chief of Security at the Israeli embassies in Venezuela Mexico, Quito, Lima and Switzerland.

Later Geri would join the GSS Counter-Terror Academy, where he trained generations of security personnel in the fields of Embassy Security, Aviation and Air Marshals Security, Maritime Security, VIP Security, and Critical Infrastructure Security. During this time, he also worked for the Security Analysis Unit of Israeli Embassies, where he was charged with the detection and analysis of the threats, risks, and determining the required security levels at Israeli Embassies worldwide. He accomplished all of this while serving an Air Marshal for El Al Airlines.

Geri is currently a student at the American Public University, where he is majoring in HLS and a Senior Instructor at the IMI Counter-Terror Academy, which is certified by the Israeli Police and minister of Internal Security. It is at IMI, where he uses his life experience to educate and train new generations of professionals in counter-terrorism tactics, security, and HLS.

Under his leadership, the IMI has certified countless cadets in tactical response and firearms based on standards mandated by the Israeli Government. He is an expert in the field of the tactical response to active shooters and the Israeli shooting and fighting technique (Krav Maga). Geri also holds instructor certifications from both the NRA and the USCCA.

Eddie Movilla

Martial Arts and Self Defense Instructor

Instructor (Sensei) Eddy Movilla is an extensively experienced security specialist /consultant who has provided executive protection for high-profile clients and has collaborated in multiple capacities with the Department of Transportation in the provision of passenger safety, as well as the implementation of anti-terrorist strategies; and IED searches. As a leader of the Krav Maga Worldwide Kapap Federation in the United States, Sensei Movilla has worked directly with its founder, world-renowned Major Avi Nardia. In this capacity, he has conducted seminars and workshops, training the Coast Guard, Army, Police, Airline Companies in the U.S. and around the world, on Kidnapping, Hostage Situations, and Reality-Based Practical Self-Defense CQB, also courses how to identify Human trafficking.

With 40 years in the world of martial arts, of which 25 have been spent as an instructor, Sensei Movilla has amassed a wide breadth of knowledge in Krav Maga hand to hand Combat, San Soo Kung Fu, Karate Goju Ryu, Kali (stick/baton, PR-24, knife fighting), Handcuffing procedures, Jeet Kune Do Concept, and MMA. Also, accomplishing a Black Belt Ranking and a 5th-Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga (Israeli Jiu Jitsu). In Addition, Sensei Movilla is also a Life Coach Speaker, CPR AED, First-Aid Instructor, NRA-Certified Firearm Instructor and, Private Investigator cc. lic. Also, over 15years of management / administrative experience.

Educated on extensive courses of mental health substance abuse services, case management overview, adolescent behavior, adolescent development, positive performance behavior management or motivation system, suicide prevention, room searches, and gang awareness, also direct care staff.

Sensei Movilla serves as Martial Arts and Self Defense Instructor for S1 Security Group®.

Itamar C

Director of Civilian Training Division

Itamar is head of Civilian Training; he is an expert in physical security.

Itamar is an IDF  combat Veteran; his experience includes but is not limited to Military infantry warfare, reconnaissance, Counter-Terrorism, Combat Driving, Special recon equipment operator, Strategic & tactics of guerilla warfare, CQB for counter-terror, Krav Maga training, Israeli critical infrastructure  Security, NRA Firearm instructor.

As part of his service, Itamar served as a team member of a special reconnaissance unit.

A veteran of behind enemy lines operations, Itamar served as a Private security contractor to secure critical infrastructure and VIP/close protection for the Ministry of Defense and other Ministries in Israel. This job required high-security clearance and involved undercover work.

Luis Cestino

Director of Security

Luis Cestino was born and raised in Miami-Dade County. Luis graduated from Basic Law enforcement Training and became a Certified Law enforcement officer with the City of Miami from 1987 through 1999.  Luis was involved in several high-profile cases which include robberies and homicides. As a police officer, he was trained in critical incident response and in approaching and finding solutions from a law enforcement perspective to ongoing criminal activity in his assigned community.  Based on his proactive work and ability to problem solve, Luis was sent to Venezuela as part of a DEA effort to assist local police agencies in Caracas with the quality of life issues affecting those communities with Illegal immigration, robberies, and drug-related concerns. Luis left law enforcement to enter the private sector as an owner of a very successful aviation parts business. In 2002 Luis opened CSI of South Florida which he eventually sold to its current owner, Rolando Palma. Luis returned to Miami in 2019 to join S1 Security Group® as its Director of Security

Jennifer L. Rodriguez

Private Investigator

Jennifer L. Rodriguez was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She graduated from Miami-Dade College with an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. Upon graduation, she transferred to the University of South Florida located in Tampa, Florida, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Jennifer worked at the Arizona School for Deaf and Blind for over a year before attending and graduating from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center where she earned the title of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer.
Jennifer returned to Miami after she departed from the U.S. government.  She attended and graduated from the Miami Police Training Center to become a police officer.  Jennifer has attained several years of experience in the field of law enforcement; from immigration to investigations; searches and seizures.  She is well versed in serving the public and defending the law and brings these skills to our private investigations team.

Chris Soldo

Lead Private Investigator

A California native, Chris Soldo is an experienced professional in the security and investigations industry. He was a police officer for both the Suisun City and Los Angeles, California police departments where he served 18 years, collectively. While with the Suisun City Police Department, he served as a shift supervisor, field training officer, and tactical officer-special enforcement detail (SED-SWAT). Chris is skilled in negotiations, law enforcement, physical security, team building, and management. Chris obtained his Bachelor’s in industrial technology and aviation administration from Cal State, Los Angeles CA.

He is an NRA-certified law enforcement firearms/shotgun instructor and certified in CPR/First Aid/AED and holds security licenses in both California and Florida. He has also, worked special security details and is a certified Private Investigator. Chris serves as the lead Private Investigator for S1 Security Group®.


Desiree M. Gomez

Human Resources Manager

Desiree is a native New Yorker raised in South Florida.  She oversees the human resource department at S1 Security Group, Inc®, as well as serves as the company’s in-house property management consultant.    Desiree is a certified human resource professional and member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  Desiree also brings 20 years of experience in residential and commercial property management as a Florida Licensed Community Association Manager (C.A.M.), and a  Certified Apartment Manager with the N.A.L.P. (National Association of Leasing Professionals-C.A.M.). Desiree is a linguist, fluent in English, Spanish, French and proficient in Mandarin Chinese.  She earned her bachelor’s degree from Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida, and her human resources certification from the University of Miami. Outside of her profession, Desiree is an accomplished pianist and the proud mother of a 20-year-old daughter.

Domingo Gallardo

Firearms Instructor

Domingo Gallardo is an accomplished military and civilian law enforcement professional. He was a supervising officer with the Department of Defense for the U.S. Southern Command, a police officer, as well as a correctional officer in Miami, Florida and Kearny, New Jersey where he served for over 20 years, collectively.  He provides knowledge and expertise in situation analytics, critical thinking, and security procedures and techniques.

Domingo is an NRA-Certified law enforcement firearms/shotgun/pistol/revolver training specialist and holds security officer and manager licenses in the State of Florida.  He has also, worked on special security details, contracted under the Federal government as a Protective Security Officer.

Domingo serves as the in-house Firearms Instructor for S1 Security Group®.